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Devon Coffey
Devon Coffey – 17/07/2021

"Maceo and I absolutely love going to hoopers classes. Vicki..."

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Abi Cuff
Abi Cuff – 23/05/2021

"Highly recommend Vickie for training. We took part in an intr..."

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Alex Rayworth Imdt
Alex Rayworth Imdt – 26/09/2021

"Fantastic hoopers training, Draxx loves his Sunday morning sessi..."

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Barbara Lischka
Barbara Lischka – 09/05/2021

""I have been part of Vickie's online Dog Parkour course with...""

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Hannah Jayne Gill
Hannah Jayne Gill – 20/03/2021

"#BoTheLakeland & I absolutely love our hoopers sessions with..."

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Paige Jepson
Paige Jepson – 17/03/2021

"I have attend face to face sessions and online sessions t..."

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Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor – 17/03/2021

"If you're looking for an amazing,
supportive and fun training ses..."

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Jane Richardson
Jane Richardson – 08/03/2021

"Highly recommended. Vickie is knowledgeable & passionate a..."

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Billy de Goede
Billy de Goede – 19/12/2020

"Roxie and I LOVE doing Hoopers with Vickie! She's very knowled..."

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